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Cortex Design User Experience Award

Maternal Home Care

In Canada, over one million Canadians spend over 2 hours to reach their nearest hospital. Maternal Home Care is a system to care for pregnant women in rural Canada, at high risk of developing preeclampsia. Preeclampsia (aka Toxemia) is a condition experienced in 1.2% of pregnancies in Canada, and can life threatening if not properly treated quickly. By utilizing readily accessible technology, Maternal Home Care empowers women to monitor their health symptoms and share objective medical readings with their care teams. Comprised of both digital and analog components, Maternal Home Care is a study of accessible and empathetic health care for the future of Canadians.

About the Designer

 Caroline Smeek, Carleton University

Caroline Smeenk is a budding Industrial and User Experience Designer, passionate about understanding and shaping the way we interact with products, interfaces, and the world. Empathetic research and human centred design are at the heart of how she addresses improving every day systems and processes.