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ACIDO Rocket Design Thinking Award (Entro)

MemoryCache: The MemoryCache is an assistive holographic storytelling device designed to help users feel more socially connected through the collection and sharing of stories and memorabilia.

The MemoryCache is a collaborative digital memory box that stores memories and recreates them into a hologram. The device focuses on the collection and re-animation of memories and encourages storytelling among family and close friends through unique interactions. The MemoryCache is an explorative approach to help users feel more connected through long distances by allowing users to share their lives and cherished items with their loved ones. Its intention is to one day become an heirloom which can be passed down through generations who can use the MemoryCache to look back on their family history.


About the Designer

Sash Mahara, Carleton University

Sash Mahara is an innovative product designer from Carleton University who seeks to create unique human-centered solutions to everyday problems. He has a passion for technology and strives to create meaningful products that entice and enhance life.