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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

MiniSugr: A serious game designed for type one diabetes children

MiniSugr is a product that combines with digitial and phsycial applications for children who are new to type one diabetes from 9-12 years old. It is a world that created for children to learn food intakes and empower their ability on diet therapy compliance a more enjoyable method. The aim is trying to recreate a fun and relaxing atmosphere for children when they are new to this chronic disease. With personalized information, the platform creates a high interaction through taking care of their little monster, playing, farming, learning, etc. With the physcial application, children can access it either with or without phone, where they can play with their friends and parents and to start an adventure and conversation with each other.

MiniSugr MiniSugr


About the Designer

ZongQi Jiang, OCAD University

My interests are lie in between product and experience design, where I likes to solving complex problem through simple, intuitive and fun approach. Design for me is a powerful tool that connect people and communicate the needs of people and I like to explore “why” and “How” behind each designs.