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Momentum: Mentorship Based Social Networking App

Among Canadians aged 25 to 64, women make up 34% of STEM bachelor’s degree holders and about 24% of science and technology workers. With much of the world transitioning to digital means and the demand for STEM jobs being at an all-time high, the gender gap in STEM becomes a critical economic shortfall and not just a moral or social issue. According to research, this disparity persists due to the lack of access to support and guidance for women in STEM-focused academia and employment, causing many to drop off prematurely.

Momentum responds to this issue by providing a mentorship-based social networking platform to strengthen the existing female talent pool in STEM and mitigate drop-off risk. Mentorship and community being at the forefront, the app serves as a digital ecosystem of support, empowering women to persist with grit and resilience.

About the Designer

Zubash Akmal, Sheridan College

Zubash Akmal is an Interaction Design graduate from Sheridan College with skill sets across the spectrum of UX research and design. She strives to seek clarity in complex problems and develop solutions that improve user experiences, especially for equity-seeking and marginalized groups.