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ACIDO Rocket First Place

Designforce Market Ready Award

Moshi Inje Stove: Improved Cook Stove

The Maasai cook over an open flame indoors without ventilation, creating indoor air pollution in the form of smoke and particulate matter. This practice causes blindness and has made lower respiratory infections the second highest cause of death in Tanzania with 18,900 deaths in 2018 alone. Although there are stoves that exhaust smoke out of the home, chimneys are not compatible with the homes’ grass roofing preventing their adoption.

The Moshi Inje Stove system creates safe cooking environments with an improved stove system that directs smoke out of the home under the wall rather than through the roof. The stove has been designed in collaboration with Maasai women for the context of their homes and is the first improved stove to run exhaust underground. The stove can be installed without altering the home, requires minimal firewood, minimizes carbon emissions from cooking, and safely contains the fire and its heat.

Moshi Inje Stove Moshi Inje Stove

About the Designer

Tatum Dietrich, Carleton University

Tatum is an industrial design student at Carleton University who is passionate about developing human-centered solutions through exploration, iteration, and testing. She enjoys exploring a variety of design themes and aims to create products that will have a positive and lasting impact.