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Awards of Merit: Cortex Design User Experience Award


The Canada Science Technology Museum (CSTM), located in Ottawa, ON, approached the School of Industrial Design at Carleton seeking to develop a modular furniture system. The system was to be designed in a way that is suitable for a variety of visitors and their individual needs to accentuate the values of accessibility and inclusivity in the museum. Personal focus was on the younger demographic, and the challenge was to design a children’s seat that will allow the users to remain active and stimulated while sitting so that the parents may catch some break in-between galleries.

About the Designer

Jenny Suh, Carleton University

Jenny is a design student from Carleton with a great deal of interest in product design and helping people have better experience with it. She believes that a functional product with beautiful aesthetics can enhance the users’ experience, thus creating a relationship and memories with the product. Jenny’s design philosophy is “Wabi-Sabi”, meaning she believes that there is beauty in imperfection.