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MUJI Stitch: beginner friendly make-it-yourself garment and accessory kits

MUJI Stitch is a collection of thoughtfully curated unisex DIY garment and accessory kits.

Providing consumers with a friendly introduction to learning the skills of sewing and making, each kit provides beginner friendly guides along with all the materials needed to produce a quality garment. With step-by-step instructions and simplified patterns, MUJI Stitch offers a supportive experience for beginners to learn and master fundamental sewing techniques. By completing a MUJI Stitch kit, beginners not only gain confidence in their abilities but also develop fundamental sewing skills that can be applied to future projects and endeavors.

Made using leftover fabric from separate production processes as well as recycled textiles created through the ReMUJI initiative, MUJI Stitch pushes for a new behaviour of consumption while being a stylish product and a meaningful experience.

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About the Designer

Sam Sun, OCADU

Artist and industrial designer passionate about crafting meaningful experiences that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.