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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Muze: Multisensory Music Sharing to Foster Emotional Regulation and Social Connection

Muze is a mood-regulating and sharing device for improving emotional self-awareness and social connection. Users use movement and squeezing pressure to create music within the 3D space and share it with others. Withinthe Muze app, friends can collaborate by layering their musical creations together to produce a song. This product offers a
method of better understanding ones own emotions through auditory, haptic and visual integration. Muze facilitates activities of play, which aids the the individual in taking their mind off of sensitive emotions, helps them to better understand how they are feeling, and accentuates positive emotions. Ultimately, this product promotes social connection through creation and sharing.


About the Designer

Shannon Chlistovsky, Carleton University

Shannon is an industrial designer, passionate about creating meaningful products with sustainability and accessibility in mind. She is a creative problem solver, with a passion for researching, collaborating, and creating with others to develop innovative solutions.