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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Designed to present a positive solution towards the conversation of the establishment of Trust on the Internet, Myº provides the space for Airbnb users to map out their favorite spots in their city, creating a gamifiable cache of shareable experiences.
Interweaving Google Mapping and Airbnb API, we can create the architecture to allow individual users to geolocate and connect the businesses they routinely frequent, in order to create rewards and incentive for robust client onboarding.
By sharing our experiences –and the spaces close to us in which we’ve created those experiences– we create the ability to unify our physical and digital selves, and provide the map by which we can walk the proverbial mile in each other’s shoes; to learn to trust through experience empathy.



About the Designer


Scott Danelesko

With formative education in theatre, film and media studies, narrative structure has found a unique center of gravity in my work. That is to say that not just does everything have a place, but everything has a place in time; every detail has a secret, and every secret is unlocked through an understanding of context.