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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

MYCÖ – Growing the Future: Bridging bio-technology and product design to bring future focused solutions to life

Your entire apartment – in a single product.

Both beautifully simple and amazingly complex, Mycelium plays a pivotal role in MYCÖ.
Mycelium – being the root system of a fungi, makes up 90 percent of the MYCO product as the main block like component. Chosen for its ability to feed off of low value materials, it also proves to be structural, cost effective, and completely biodegradable. Working with Mycelium along with a plant based polymer for the connectors, MYCO offers an innovative and sustainable solution to mass produced furniture.

Along with the unconventional materiality, MYCÖ also offers a novel furnishing solution. Intended for micro apartments, the product serves an all-in-one modular solution. Each individual brick, flat on one side features a purpose on the other – from floor seating, coffee tables, lighting and shelving. As need arises, the shelf can be disassembled and reassembled to fit user needs. This solution allows the majority of ones apartment to fit into a single shelf when it needs, offering extreme adaptability in tight spaces.


About the Designer

Willem Tauveron, OCADU

Willem Tauveron is a Toronto born industrial designer with a focus on furniture and lighting. Influenced by his heritage, his work incorporates clean simplistic aesthetics, contrasted with exciting exaggerated forms. Experimenting in both the physical and digital space, Willem sets out to push the idea of design beyond basic functionality – challenging the boundaries around aesthetics and comfort.