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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Mythos: Your inner self is calling

Mythos is a service which combines multiple generative artificial intelligence tools and the latest capabilities of virtual reality technology in order to allow users to create, explore, analyze, annotate, and share their dreams as immersive virtual reality experiences.

Doing so allows the user to revisit their dreams while fully conscious and experience them with their rational faculties, enabling them to better understand and gain insights from their unconscious mind.

Following the user’s creation of their dream, a custom GPT companion, continually trained by each new dream the user inputs, annotates the virtual reality dream and gently nudges the user to recognize recurring elements such as characters, symbolism, themes, and conversations.

As the user inputs more of their dreams into Mythos, the tapestry of their personal myth grows, and more insight can be gained from the connections made between dreams.

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About the Designer

Corey Yancan, OCADU

I am fascinated with emerging technologies and their unrealized potential, and I am deeply interested in creating unprecedented designs from these latent possibilities. Because of this, my strongest design interests lie within the conceptual realm, including foresight and speculative thinking about the future, typically regarding systems, services, platforms, and other kinds of non-physical designv