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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Nature’s Orchestra: Wild food harvest and dish pairing system to encourage a sustainable future.

Nature’s Orchestra (NO) is a conceptual design project focused on harvested wild ingredients and a comprehensive pairing system for culinary exploration, with a focus on sustainable living, helping people to connect to their natural environment. The project aims to develop a robust ingredient profiling database that includes region specific availability of wild ingredients, harvest times, storability, aromatic, texture, and flavour profilings. This data was then visualized through graphic maps, illustrating unique ingredient profiles. The pilot region for NO is Southern Ontario; home to a diverse range of wild ingredients and where a plethora of traditional knowledge exists. The data base provides fingerprint profiles of each ingredient which interactively facilities food paring options. To illustrate the capability of Natures Orchestra a wilderness beverage was designed called Winter’s Taste of Ontario which combines steeped pine needles, steeped winter green, and maple syrup into a lightly carbonated natural spring water beverage.

About the Designer

Keli James Hawley, OCAD University

I love the outdoors and am passionate about sustainable practices. It is my belief that reconnecting humanity with our natural environment is of the utmost importance the only way we will truly tackle climate change. I like trees 🙂