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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Nest Stove: An efficient oil-heating stove that transfers heat equally for yurt

Nest stove is an efficient oil-heating stove that transfers heat equally. The project’s main focus is air pollution issue in Mongolia. Many people utilize coal stoves as their primary source of heating and cooking due to a lack of social infrastructure, such as water and heat. Moreover, the majority of these stoves are used in ger (or internationally called yurt). Due to the yurt’s structure, heat escapes through the roof and cold air enters making it cold in the lower circumference. Therefore, this stove is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the yurt, keeping it warm for a longer period, reducing the repetition of lighting up the stove and enhancing both the air quality and the quality of life of the community.

About the Designer

Tergel Saikhanbayar, Sheridan

Tergel Saikhanbayar is an enthusiastic and minimalist industrial designer. She was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and her culture has been a great inspiration for her works. She focuses on diversity and user experience and constantly strives to design a product that serves a purpose in one’s life.