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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Nilla: Portable robotic device for stroke patients to improve tactile sensitivity and motor control in their hand

Nilla is a portable robotic device that progressively adapts to a stroke patient’s needs throughout their recovery. The device increases hand sensitivity and improves motor control by using vibration haptic feedback at three levels of tactile exercises. The device increases motivation, creates consistency and allows patients to make progress on their recovery outside of rehab. Nilla is designed to work in parallel with the rehab process, focusing on fine motor skills so doctors can concentrate on major elements.

About the Designer

Kristina Kloosterman, Carleton

Kristina is an industrial designer who is very ambitious and passionate to create products that solve real problems by empathizing and understanding the user’s needs. She thrives on innovation and creative problem solving and has a natural ability to work with her hands. She is self driven, and loves to explore the technical, aesthetic and the experiential elements of product design.