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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

NunaVENT: Smart home indoor air quality monitoring and ventilation system

NunaVENT the first and only indoor air quality monitoring system with the capability of improving the air in your home, in real time. NunaVENT is comprised of 3 components which are designed to be adaptable and retrofittable to any home. The monitor utilizes a colour e-ink display to allow for an always-on air quality report. One or more sensors are placed throughout the home to track levels of air pollutants like CO2 and relative humidity. Exhaust units are mounted above existing bathroom and kitchen fans to autonomously ventilate contaminated indoor air to outside of the home. NunaVENT was developed as a cross-cultural co-design project between Carleton University and the community of Igloolik, Nunavut.

About the Designer

Marek Chopra, Carleton University

Marek is a detail-oriented designer who focuses on the functionality and user experience of products and systems. Marek is passionate about eco-sustainability and creating a positive impact through social design.