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Umbra’s People Choice Award


In most rural communities, premature neonates have less chance of survival because they can’t get to proper medical facilities in a timely fashion. The aim of this thesis is to address the needs of premature neonates born in rural communities in developing countries. The opportunity to have a medical device that provides essential care to the neonate patients that need it the most could greatly affect these rural communities. This thesis intent to introduce an accessible medical device that can provide essential care to premature neonates in any community. In addition, if required, the product can safely and efficiently aid in transportation of the neonate in order for them to receive the medical attention they require.

About the Designer

Ana Carpio, Humber College

Hola, my name is too long so just call me Ana; with “one n” Originally from Mexico, I’m a recent Industrial design graduate from Humber College. My objective is to challenge myself as an industrial designer by obtaining experiences from passionate people that firmly believe in what they do. I love music, architecture, culture and arts. My hobbies include learning new languages, smile and drink a good cup of coffee with chocolate.