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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Omni: Safety oriented mining equipment.

Omni is a piece of equipment designed to assist in mitigating occupational hazards in underground mining. Mining is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world with numerous hazards affecting mining personnel every day. Numerous environmental hazards create the potential for issues such as traumatic injuries, musculoskeletal diseases, and respiratory diseases. Omni is an innovative solution for mining personnel to safely accomplish a variety of tasks in the depths of the mines. Omni has numerous features to ensure the user has the ability to work with confidence while staying safe. Omni provides a unique control scheme to extend the range of the user’s capabilities, as well as other amenities such as on-board medical supplies and custom tool storage for multiple mining applications. Omni can make virtually any task more safe from these occupational hazards with its protected workspace and environmental lighting.


Omni Omni


About the Designer

Sean Platek, Humber College

My name is Sean Platek, a recent graduate from Humber College’s industrial design program. I am passionate about solving problems through empathetic, user-centered designs, combining conceptual and practical elements to create innovative design solutions.