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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Open Door: Policy Collaboration, Civic Engagement, Service Design

Open Door is a service designed to support civic engagement. It aims to do so by reimagining the process of public consultation to make it an enjoyable and empowering experience for everyday people.

Our elected officials make policy decisions on behalf of the Canadian public, choices that help structure society and address the problems we face. But when people feel disconnected from government and trust in political institutions erodes, our collective ability to tackle urgent challenges like climate change is undermined.

Public involvement and positive experiences with government services can improve these relationships. By increasing participation and encouraging policy decisions based on extensive and transparent collaboration, Open Door aims to foster connection between Canadians and our representatives.

About the Designer

Alex Burton, OCAD University

Alex is designer with a background in contemporary dance, motivated to create a more equitable and engaged society. He is interested in how products, services, and systems can help us tackle complex problems and uncover novel solutions that allow people and the environment to thrive.