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Eventscape Human & Environmental Factors Award

Open Space – Personal work space inside co working communities

A combination of seating, a personal desk, and storage, Quarter (a component of the new workplace system Open Space) provides everything that is needed to get to work. Ready to go wherever you lead it, and sturdy when it arrives, this is the on-demand workspace that can provide a personal space the second you pull back the chair and take a seat. And through implementing the user-focused system of Open Space, we have the opportunity to transform co-working spaces into places where users can create their own personal space to work instantly while still being part of the greater community that exists. We no longer have to sit in compliance with what is, but create what we wish to be.

Open Space - Quarter


About the Designer

Reid Howes, OCAD University,

A little about myself; I am primarily a product designer, with experience in furniture design and architectural spaces, and above all else I’m a people person when it comes to real life and my design. No matter the subject or design objective, my number one goal every time is to find a better way for people to have a better experience; whether that be through connecting others together through space, or providing comfort to an individual with a product.