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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Pacer: The Power of Mobility – Mobility aid for amputees.

Pacer re-imagines the approach to mobility for amputees, it offers its users a more natural gait as well as improves the functions of balance control. By providing the user with greater stability, and the ability to “feel” the limb that was lost through haptics, it creates superior mobility and a higher quality of life.

Pacer: The Power of Mobility Pacer: The Power of Mobility

About the Designer

Jack Marcisz, Humber College

I seek to enhance and explore the relationships between people, their environments, and the objects they interact with. As an industrial designer it is my responsibility to find new and useful solutions as well as discover problem areas that consider ergonomics, quality of life, sustainability, and aesthetics. My goal is to grow as a designer, connect with people, and express my vision in a positive way.