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Tensen Design for Manufacturing Award

Spin Master Emerging Female Designer Award

Pampu: Portable Water Filtration Device for Rural Communities

The PAMPU system works to improve current water collection and filtration methods used by the Maasai in Longido, Tanzania. Furthermore, this system acts as an adaptive tool that can be functional in a variety of contexts where access to clean water is limited.This portable water pump will reduce physical strain caused by current methods of water collection, while providing a sustainable filtration technology. Implementing a more ergonomic and systematic product to assist in this rigorous task will encourage healthier water practices and ensure safer water consumption. PAMPU provides an adaptive filtration device that can fit to available materials in rural communities.

About the Designer

Kayla Daigle, Carleton University

Kayla is a design student from Carleton University with a passion for finding innovative and lasting solutions to help people with their daily experiences and interactions within their surrounding environments and systems. She believes that through multidisciplinary and systematic approaches, simple design solutions can be developed that offer great potential and benefits for society. Intuitive form and function are driving considerations in providing meaningful solutions to people around the world.

Kayla’s website can be seen at https://www.kayladaigle.ca/