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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Pathfinder: Physical Spaces

Pathfinder proposes a new way of looking at a space, adding beacons throughout the journey so that individuals can really understand the area they are navigating through. It focuses on the exterior wayfinding system of Toronto’s Ryerson University. It aims to solve the current issues of navigation, orientation and lack of emotional security displayed by its new visitors. It includes an upgraded map with a QR code that opens up a browser allowing the user to input their destination. Lastly, a renewed version of a building identifier connects the three parts of the system which ultimately supports users through their journey.

Pathfinder Pathfinder

About the Designer

Auditi Dutta, OCAD University

My experience so far has led me to believe as good designers, we need to be vulnerable as it opens up a new side allowing us to be the user instead of the designer. After all, we are all users!