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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Pebble & Aura: Products for Anxiety Management

Pebble & Aura is a system of products including a wearable device, a handheld grounding tool, and a mobile application for Anxiety awareness and management.

The wearable device, worn on the upper arms or chest, uses biofeedback tracking and delivers gentle haptic vibrations in the rhythm of the user’s resting heart rate when Anxiety is detected. Using entrainment, the wearable is able to guide the heart into matching the vibrations, grounding the user during moments of Anxiety. The handheld grounding tool makes use of the same haptics, in addition to lights, fabric, and textures to provide a tactile grounding experience. Tieing the products together is a mobile application that gives access to therapy-based activities to improve management and coping skills.


About the Designer

Shiva Moin, Carleton University

Shiva Moin is a graduating Industrial Designer with a passion for designing products and experiences that transforms people’s day-to-day experiences. Shiva also has a knack for film photography, gets a little too excited over good typography, and loves picking up creative hobbies.