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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

PENTA: A sensory cooperative game for inclusive active play

Low vision and blind children are excluded or have limited play experiences at school, including in gym class and in the schoolyard. Without play, this problem hinders their development and can lead to lifelong consequences, affecting their quality of life as an adult.

PENTA is a sensory cooperative game that promotes inclusion and active play. By using tactile navigation and audio cues, it enables low vision and blind kids to run independently and confidently play with their sighted peers. At the same time, sighted children develop empathy while improving spatial awareness and building teamwork skills.

To help shape tomorrow’s leaders, PENTA is designed for a school environment and easily integrates into the curriculum. The game is a fun and safe way to help kids reach their full potential, to be healthy, and to be inclusive of others.

About the Designer

Megan Cheung, Humber College

Megan is an adventurer at heart, both in work and at play. As a designer, she enjoys exploring different problem spaces and thinking “big picture,” while also taking care to empathize and innovate. She seeks to improve the everyday experiences of those around her.