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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Pigeon Energy: Energy Storage Installation

In a time where climate change demands action, it is not just a question of how will we live with the problem, but how will we live with the solution.
Energy storage is vital in the fight against climate change. Its current implementation is in opposition with some of the key principles of Urban Design— disregarding its effects on society, people and its natural surroundings. In order to move toward sustainable and beautiful cities, we need to change the way we think about energy storage.
This project’s mission is to create a new approach to energy storage design and integrate it throughout the urban fabric in a way that uplifts and benefits communities. This will be done by researching each site and connecting the community’s needs with the environmental ones. The outcome is an energy storage installation that brings communities together in a way that supports environmental sustainability.

About the Designer

Max Fine, OCAD University

Max Fine is a Toronto based Industrial Design student at OCAD University who is interested in the connection between sustainable technology and human behaviour. He believes that design can be used to foster positive relationships between people and sustainability.