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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

PLANIT: Assistive technological system for people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) causes slight but noticeable and measurable decline in cognitive abilities, including memory and thinking skills, but does not necessarily affect the individual’s ability to carry out everyday activities. However, a person with MCI may start to forget important information that he or she would previously have recalled easily, such as performing daily tasks, appointments, or recent events. MCI also affects thinking skills other than memory, including the ability to make sound decisions, judge the time or sequence of steps needed to complete a complex task. The PLANIT is a system designed to help people with MCI maintain a reasonable degree of autonomy, it intuitively provides assistance on planning, scheduling and time managing daily activities. The system consists of a smartwatch and an app that connects with caregivers to help monitor tasks and send reminders on daily activities and personal schedules when needed.



About the Designer

Denise Pong, Carleton University

Hi! I am Denise Pong, a fourth-year Industrial design student at Carleton University. I like to observe people in their natural setting to discover problems and ideally solve them through a co-design process.I believe this approach empowers people to make a creative contribution towards the solution. Making everyone’s life more enjoyable through thoughtfully designed products and services is my definition of a designer.