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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Polar: From home to home.

With hybrid workplace models shaping the future of work, remote work is going to be part of many people’s normal work routine. Remote work is convenient in many ways as it allows workers to save the cost of commuting. However, Many workers, especially those who do not have a designated home-office space or those who share space with others, are noticing the loss of boundary between ‘personal’ life and ‘work’ life. What can be done to re-establish the boundary between the two environments and enhance remote work experience for the current and future working professionals?

Polar aims to re-establish a distinct boundary between ‘personal’ and ‘work’ roles by bringing the sense of commute to the remote work environment. Polar is a home office product that combines familiar routine with sensory signals to create transition between ‘personal’ and ‘work’ roles within the same environment.


About the Designer

Jun-Won Kim, Carleton University

I am a designer passionate about creating unexpected, but familiar designs by looking into both unseen areas and ordinary surroundings. I entered the field of design wanting to design modern and stylish transportations; now, whatever I am designing, I want to create designs that make people smile.