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ACIDO Sport & Play Award

Designforce Market Ready Award


Primo is a company that tailors to the initial fears behind skateboarding. Primo provides a product, service, and social platforms to guide beginners through the challenges harnessing their behaviour in a constructive pathway to optimize their success and safety. Primo aims to increase self-cognitive knowledge of individuals between the age of 8-14 and provide information and feedback on how they can accelerate learning while expanding their skill ecosystem. Primo has the opportunity to educate youth about the importance of self-cognition to optimize their physical results. The Primo platform emphasizes reinforcement learning so beginners can find the best possible muscle memory to learn tricks at an accelerated rate and be able to recognize their behaviours.


About the Designer

Richard Revie, OCAD University

Hi, My name is Richard Revie. I am an industrial designer studying at OCAD University with my thesis focusing on skateboarding. As a designer that uses our natural sense of play to solve challenges and create strategies for problems that require creative thinking and different perspectives.