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ACIDO Rocket Design Thinking Award

Project Nuru: A thermoelectric light for the Maasai people of Tanzania

Inspired by our journey to Tanzania, Project Nuru is an initiative designed to address the pressing issue of unreliable access to electricity in the Maasai community. By harnessing the heat from their traditional three-stone fires, Nuru’s innovative solution uses Peltier modules to convert thermal energy into electricity, powering LED lights. This sustainable approach not only provides cost-effective lighting but also empowers the community by utilizing their existing resources. Project Nuru aims to stand as a testament to the transformative impact of technology and human-centered design, offering a brighter, more sustainable future for the Maasai people

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About the Designer

Aryaman Harlalka, Carleton

My name is Aryaman Harlalka, a recent graduate from Carleton University’s BID program. Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, I aspire to leverage my degree to establish a company centered around a product I create.