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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Merit: Eventscape Prototype Award

Rapid Surf Rescue

This product is a rescue water craft designed to seamlessly combine high performance and improved rescue methods to help create an ultra efficient rescue process. This thesis project focused on investigating current rescue methodology, and the range of concurrent problems for costal shoreline environments. A major focus was exploring all user issues in efforts to comprehend user needs from the designer’s perspective. To further research, scenario assessments were conducted to analyze the range of rescue scenarios that lifeguards could be potentially encounter. The final design is intended to counter any rescue scenario, from immediate surf rescue response, to victim locating and extracting. In essence, the SSR is a complete package for the ultimate rescue mission, with the ability to increase maneuverability.



About the Designer


Joshua Liyanage , Humber College

Hello, my name is Joshua Liyanage. I have recently obtained my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Humber College. I have a strong passion for using design as a tool for problem solving. As a young aspiring designer, I look forward to creating tangible solutions as well as creating new experiences.