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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

RAY: Open Water Rescue System

The vast majority of over-boarding and fatalities occur on small fishing vessels. On Canada’s west coast the vast majority of our fishing fleet is made up of 2,800 small vessels. The same is true on the east coast (Ryan Ford – Fish safe). Every year 525 Canadians die from water related fatalities. (Red Cross) RAY aims to change the way we conduct open water rescue operations by replacing the ring buoy with an automated retrieval system that senses when a user has gone overboard. Improving the response time and automating a retrieval process that allows the rescue of a one manned crew.


About the Designer

Nicholas Praticante, Humber College

Ontario born designer, wants to experience the world through travel. Main hobby includes video games, cars and watches. Design to me means being able to portray art through your design with user experience and aesthetic appeal.