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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Recumbent Trainer: Start-line trainer for Olympic hand-cyclists

Hand cycling is a relatively small sport when compared to other cycling disciplines. That being the case, industry investment is limited and results in hand cyclists having to use common cycling equipment to best suit their needs.

The optimization of their race preparation is where I have focused my energy. Through market research and interviews with invested members of the sport, I determined there was a need for a start-line trainer. This piece of equipment would be designed to address the challenges faced by Hand-cyclists and their trainers while transitioning from their team tent to the starting line, up until the beginning of a race.


About the Designer

Mitchell LeBrun, Carleton University

I’m an Industrial Designer with a passion for the outdoors and a determination to empower those around me. My goal is to work in the cycling industry and contribute to a sport/method of transportation that continues to impact the world we live in.