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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Rescue Aid Redesign: A redesign of the existing rescue can and rescuer strap.

Swimming has the highest fatality rate for water-related recreational activities. A lifeguard is there to monitor and supervise the aquatic activities, which can reduce the risk of drowning. Lifeguards respond to these emergencies using a rescue aid. The most used rescue aid, called a rescue can or torpedo, has been an effective lifesaving product, but there are a few problematic design flaws I sought to redesign. The redesigned rescue aid can be used by accurately throwing it to a drowning victim and pulling them to safety or can be unlocked and opened in the water to float around an unconscious or distressed victim to tow backward to land and perform first aid. The redesigned rescuer strap is adjustable to fit around any lifeguard comfortably and includes a pocket and elastic bands to hold first aid equipment.

Rescue Aid Redesign Rescue Aid Redesign 

About the Designer

Jenna McMullen, Carleton University

I believe the skills I’ve learned as an industrial designer allow me to create innovative solutions to any problem that is presented. I have always been curious as to how things work and as a designer, I am able to investigate and produce novel designs that have a positive effect in society.