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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Reuseful: Reducing waste through community engagement

Reuseful started as a systems analysis project centred around improving resources for reusing materials at OCAD U, and soon developed into the opportunity to design for social change towards sustainability across campus. Through collaborative co-design with both staff and student stakeholders – from ODESI, the Learning Zone, Facilities & Studio Services, and more – this project worked towards improving many aspects of the system of reuse on campus. This included re-branding strategies, outreach events, social media presence, holding in-class info sessions, updating wayfinding, and building a new material swap spot (the Material Commons) planned for the Sharpe Centre for Design. All of this effort was put towards the goals of reducing waste and engaging with the community to establish a circular economy on campus.

Reuseful Reuseful


About the Designer

Meaghan Robson, OCAD University

Meaghan Robson is an Industrial Designer graduating from OCAD University, where she frequently challenged herself with creating innovative solutions for scenarios with diverse design criteria and a variety of potential outcomes. Her passion for design is driven by her personal dedication towards bettering the lives of others, as well as a longterm interest in environmental protection and sustainability.