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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Merit: Designforce Innovation Award


What if we valued cubic footage half as much as we value square footage. Could we get more out of a space or dwelling?

Revolve is a wall mounted, rotating shelving unit which serves as a workspace hub for a variety of tasks. Revolve utilizes what I call “task-grouping” which is grouping tasks which would otherwise require multiple workspaces into a central space or surface to mitigate clutter and the surface sprawl we tend to fill our lives with. More and more people are working remotely, or in a live-work environment and this creates a need for customized, dedicated space. Revolve is customizable in that the user is able to chose inserts which are informed by the work they are doing, or the users lifestyle. Revolve is especially unique due to its tactile and playful interaction which allows the user to rotate the entire unit in order to bring the module they need to their work level. The inserts are all driven directly by gears on the rear of the unit which allows every insert to self-level and adds to the whimsical quality of the product.



About the Designer


Ethan Plewes, OCAD University