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Rocket Finalist

Safar: Ski-Patrol Rescue Pod

Safar is an innovative product solution for ski-patrollers who dedicate their lives to saving other people’s lives. It reduces the travel time down on bigger hills by making use of the existing chairlift system. Instead of skiing all the way down the patroller just skis to the next lift down. This reduces the strain on their back and legs. The patient is able to look out and up at the patroller, once situated in the pod, taking into account their emotional well being. It also removes the risk of further injury to the patient which would otherwise occur while traversing rough snowy terrain. Safar is a revolutionary product solution which minimizes the potential for long term injuries in patrollers and makes for a happier ski-patrol.

About the Designer

Ashuni Patel, Humber College

Whether I am working in a team or individually, I have a pragmatic and structured approach and creative process, constantly striving to strike a balance between form and function. Being observant of my surrounding equips me to find unnoticed problem areas, thereafter developing innovative yet practical solutions.