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ACIDO Rocket Feasibility Award presented by Jeremy Gibson
Benefitting the Future Award presented by Copernicus Educational Products

Sashimono: Sashimono is a bed system that promotes circularity and product longevity.

Sashimono is not just a bed; it’s a solution promoting circularity and longevity. Through extensive research and interviews, it was discovered that children’s beds are frequently replaced in family households. Thus, a bed system that evolves with a child from crib to double XL bed was designed, following infancy to independence. Sashimono utilizes a website platform where extension parts and interchangeable panels can be customized via a 3D product configurator tool. It can last generations through a repairability service. Additionally, a discounted take-back program ensures no material ends up in landfills, while a carbon calculator tracks your reduced carbon footprint with each transition.

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About the Designer

Aleeya Consul, Carleton

I’m an industrial designer with a holistic approach, passionate about sustainability, packaging, and furniture design. With an entrepreneurial mindset, I’m enthusiastic to gather all my tangible and technical skills to the industry. I enjoy problem-solving and contributing to meaningful projects while solving consumer behaviour challenges.