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Cortex Design User Experience Award


Sensorium1: Sentient And Transformative Space Experience

Imagine this…When you enter a space, the space knows you are there…The space knows who you are. This space, has the power to transform your life by transforming itself in response to you. If we can understand the power of this relationship, we can enjoy every single moment of our lives. Sentient and transformative space experiences are the future of experience and have the power to unite, connect, and heal people by allowing humanity to reach collective elevation.

My starting point Sensorium1, is a one-person experience in a space that collects HRV data. This data is reflected back as LED lights; the audience can see their pulse as flashing lights and their emotional states through the different colors. First half of the experience is a guided meditation session, later on, the space becomes the reflection and the extension of the audience’s body.

Future Sensoriums will be integrated into different systems.


About the Designer

Deniz Ural, OCAD University

I am a thinker, a designer, a performer. My aim is to create sentient and transformative space experiences to expand, enhance and re-define everyday life. I have a sublime passion and limitless inspiration for the power of sensory experience and performance in changing people’s lives. I live to inspire, to empower, to connect and share the magic of life.