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ACIDO Rocket Manufacturing Readiness Award presented by Tensen Design and Manufacturing

Spark: Reducing response times on off-grid search and rescue extrication using aerial assistance.

It takes 12 people to save a life, but sometimes 12 aren’t available. When it comes to search and rescue operations, personnel and equipment are sparse. Introducing Spark, the Standalone Paramedic Aerial Response Kit. This emergency response drone finds the patient using an infrared camera and cellular relay, drops off a life-saving care package at the patient, returns to cell altitude, and enables communications between EMS and the lost patient so they can assess the situation. This allows for rescue teams to be twice as fast, at half the size.

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About the Designer

Zach Rodgers, Carleton

Zach Rodgers is an industrial design student, driven to create innovative solutions. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s successfully launched small businesses and pursued many personal projects alongside his studies. Design is his passion, bringing him joy and fueling his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.