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ACIDO Rocket Benefitting the Future Award by Copernicus Education Products

Sprout Spot: 3D Printed Seed Germination and Educational System

Sprout Spot is a 3D printed seed germination and educational system for the remote first nations island community of Masset, BC. Firstly, this system targets an opportunity of food sovereignty by allowing the community to germinate seeds. It will shift consumption patterns and create fresh local produce. Secondly, it creates self-sufficiency by using local manufacturing through 3D printing and sewing. Thirdly, Sprout Spot extends the learning environment and strengthens classroom engagement. Due to its portability, the system can be used wherever the students at GTN Secondary School see fit. Ultimately, Sprout Spot allows the community to be in complete control of what they manufacture, plant, grow, transplant, harvest and eat.


About the Designer

Gabriel Farago, Carleton

I want to contribute to design by innovating in a culturally and technologically significant field. I am completely fascinated by cutting edge technology and how it can be used within a product, or throughout the design and manufacturing processes.