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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Stingray: An underwater nail gun to help improve the efficiency of coral out-planting processes.

Currently, many factors are endangering the survival of coral reefs. With warmer climates, corals bleach and lose the necessary algae within their exoskeletons. Eventually, corals die under these conditions. Without human intervention, both our oceans and our future are at risk.

The current restoration system has a bottleneck issue. The regrowth process of corals is so efficient that it is difficult to plant them as they grow with only a limited amount of human resources. This product intends to solve this problem by allowing the user(s) to plant more corals with the same amount of human resources.

Stingray Stingray

About the Designer

Andres Vasquez Valiente, Carleton University

Andres is an Industrial Designer from Carleton University who has a passion for the environment, music, and Graphic Design. His design philosophy is derived from harmony. He believes a harmonious relationship should exist between the user, environment, and products manufactured.