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ACIDO Rocket First Place

Teknion Sustainability Award

Tamkaa: Low-Smoke Waste Carbonization Charcoal Kiln

The Maasai people of Tanzania rely on charcoal for cooking, however current charcoal making processes are unhealthy and unsustainable, creating heavy smoke and leading to deforestation. In an effort to combat this, the Tanzanian government has banned the use and making of wood charcoal but has provided no affordable alternatives for its citizens. The Tamkaa Kiln creates a more sustainable charcoal making process by repurposing manure and dried natural waste into charcoal. Based on top-lit updraft kilns, the design uses double-burning carbonization which produces no visible smoke and burns more efficiently than traditional charcoal making methods. The product can be manufactured completely using the available manufacturing processes and materials in Tanzania. It is also scalable for entrepreneurial use, empowering Maasai women to start their own charcoal businesses and provide a sustainable source of energy and income for their communities.

Tamkaa Testing and Operation from Stacey on Vimeo.

About the Designer

Stacey Lin, Carleton University

Stacey is a human-centred designer from Carleton University passionate about social impact and developing empathetic solutions that improve people’s quality of life. She enjoys listening to people’s stories, unraveling complex problems and using her creativity to tackle social and environmental issues.