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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Targa: Distraction Barrier

The home was not designed for work. One of the elements that have changed is the nature of distractions in this new environment. From children/family members that disturb their parents to the psychological blur between work and life, people are now experiencing many of the negative effects of the novel distractions in working from home.

Targa is an easy-to-use distraction barrier with minimal functions to enhance its primary purpose of helping users focus on their work. The barrier is designed with the aesthetics of the residential context in mind creating a product that people enjoy using and not have to worry about storing away when not in use. The main mechanism is an off-centered axis that allows the barrier to seemingly shift vertically in space creating an element of interactivity and help signal to themselves and others when they are conducting work.

About the Designer

Albert Yu, Carleton University

Albert is passionate about realizing conceptual ideas and stories into tangible experiences. He explores and designs meaningful experiences contextualized to the present environment. In his work, he values modern contemporary approaches that push the boundary of design.