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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

TESKA Desk System: A Task Desk system that fits into your room the way you need it to

TESKA desk system is a flat packed built to be able to be disassembled system that grows with the user the way they need it to. Utilizing the vertical space of rooms, the system frees up users’ floor spaces while maintaining a highly functional ergonomic design. With the easel component, artists are able to easily paint in their rooms without making a mess. With the ability to customize materials for their desk and shelving spaces, the TESKA system fits into the individuals own aesthetic through a highly customizable design.

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About the Designer

Kai MacKenzie, OCADU

Kai is a Toronto-based industrial designer with a focus on furniture and product design. With a multidisciplinary background, his design approach is focused in highly functional tangible outcomes that create moments of joy in everyday life. He is driven by a high attention to detail and passionate about circular design practices through hands-on processes of making.