ACIDO is an association of accredited Industrial Designers in Ontario, formed to develop and promote the profession. The discipline needs a community at its centre to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices, the advancement of our shared values, and growth opportunities for the Industrial Design workforce.



Since 1948, ACIDO has been the official voice of Industrial Design in Ontario.

Industrial Designers shape our world through products, services, and experiences. ACIDO is proud to be the home of this community. Since 1984 we’ve carried a mandate from the Government of Ontario to support the objectives of the profession and qualify its practitioners.


    The 5110M

  The 5110M “BabyChamp” Radio released by Northern Electric in 1948.


    A brain sensing headband designed by DesignForce in partnership with Tristan Zimmerman released in 2014.

  A brain sensing headband designed by DesignForce in partnership with Tristan Zimmerman released in 2014.


How and what we design has evolved substantially since then –

Today we have vastly more powerful tools and deeply insightful methods at our fingertips, allowing Industrial Designers to inform the innovation process as never before. As observers of user needs and identifiers of market expectations, we have a vital role to play in meeting challenges of the future.


But our core principles have stood the test of time.

ACIDO brings Industrial Designers together to build an understanding of emerging and established best practices in our rapidly evolving field. Chartered Industrial Designers are fully qualified and active participants in a community committed to design excellence, recognizing that impactful innovation requires balanced social, commercial, technological and environmental consideration.



Industrial Design is empathetic, grounded in experiences of the user and the relationships between people and objects in the world around us.


Industrial Design is creative, transforming needs, opportunities, and objectives into market-ready solutions.


Industrial design is collaborative, partnering with experts in finance, engineering, ethnography, manufacturing and marketing throughout all phases of the innovation cycle.


Industrial design is strategic – clarifying intent and driving development of compelling experiences.