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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

The Maggi Collection: Interactive Play Furniture

The Maggi Collection is designed to allow children to interact and play within their homes; utilizing creativity, imagination, and play as a source for fun and activity. While also giving parents the chance to feature high-end contemporary design within the home. The cushions add a play feature that is unparalleled to other play furniture systems. They act as a catalyst for fun and amusement, giving the children the chance to excite their minds and create a new imaginative environment within a familiar home setting. The goal of these objects is for children to use their creativity by making stories, connections and awakening new emotions through playing with these large objects in their home.


The Maggi Collection The Maggi Collection

About the Designer

Aidan Taylor, OCAD University

Aidan Taylor is a Toronto based interior, product, and millwork designer. His background in woodworking, welding, and construction knowledge, allows his creative aesthetic to excel forward to go from conception to actualized form.