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Toronto Blue Parking: Secure Bike Parking

Over the past century, we have drastically redesigned our society to accommodate cars. Neighbourhoods were bulldozed for highways and parking, streets were widened while sidewalks were shrunken, and we outlawed the simple act of walking across a street. Today, our cities are congested with cars, and we live ever more isolated from each other while destroying the environment — and our city’s budget — in the process. There is no need to reinvent the wheel: the bicycle has long established itself as the most efficient means of transportation, but we never built infrastructure around it as we did for cars.
Aside from a lack of bike lanes, bike theft is the most significant barrier that prevents people from riding bikes in cities. Toronto Blue Parking is a system designed to address bike theft by incorporating secure bike parking into public urban infrastructure.

About the Designer

José Capanema, OCAD University

José is an industrial designer from Brazil who believes in systemic-level solutions and ingenious methods that better use existing technology without the need to reinvent the wheel. His approach consists of taking a step back and tackling the problem from its root causes to create a meaningful and lasting design.