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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Tree Hollow: The aim of the project is to help people enhance self-awareness, reduce FoMO and anxiety, enhance in self-esteem and improve mental wellness.

This project aims to mitigate the negative impact of Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) by promoting mental wellness through a playful and emotional product, the Tree Hollow, an AI-based product comprising a device and software. The device listens to user confessions, records and summarize them by AI, and extract emotions and life details into a report. This report is then delivered to the user via a letter through the App.

Tree Hollow integrates mindfulness and self-talk, and brings a spoken journaling and a whole new feedback scheme to help those affected by FoMO refocus on themselves in an era of pervasive digital media and shrinking social distances. By discussing daily life and reflecting on report feedback, users are encouraged to focus more on their personal lives, growth, and needs, thereby boosting their self-esteem. This helps users appreciate the richness of their own lives.

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About the Designer

Liu Yuchen, OCADU

As an industrial design student at OCAD University, I specialize in UI/UX and product design. I advocate for human-centered design and see myself as a connector, bridging users’ needs with design concepts organically. My goal is to create intuitive, impactful, and user-focused designs.