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ACIDO Rocket Second Place

Studio 63 Innovation Award

Tree Spurs: Assistive Climbing Equipment for Arborists

Climbing spurs are specialized equipment primarily used by arborists for tree removal operations. Ascending trees in spurs is an arduous job and it was discovered that expertly designed equipment could have a lasting impact on a user’s well-being. Development was focused on exploration into composite materials and their ability to enhance ergonomics and performance, bringing tree climbing spurs into the modern era. The resulting product improves climber safety, comfort, and productivity, essential in order to enhance and prolong careers in the field of arboriculture.

About the Designer

Will Fletcher, Carleton University

I seek to challenge myself by taking on projects that I may initially know little about, but through conducting hands-on research I am able to adapt and understand quickly. I believe that no design solution is the same and as Industrial Designers we must learn to make meaningful connections between material, aesthetics and functionality to develop impactful solutions that genuinely connect with their users.