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ACIDO Rocket Consumer Product Award Presented by Swave Studios

Trek: Enhanced Portage Experience

Portaging presents challenges such as discomfort from heavy loads, limited visibility, and the need for adaptable gear in rugged terrain. Trek addresses these issues with innovative solutions. It features an adjustable harness for personalized comfort, reducing discomfort associated with heavy loads. The pivoting platform distributes canoe weight and allows users to adjust the tilt for optimal visibility, eliminating the need to hold the canoe while walking. A durable hard shell protects belongings, and a removable table provides a flat surface for camping. Trek is a comprehensive and adaptable portage system designed to enhance comfort, visibility, and functionality in rugged outdoor environments.

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About the Designer

Daniela Todorovic, Humber

I approach challenges with creativity and innovation, constantly seeking to redefine problems and create meaningful solutions. I thrive when immersed in the design process, shaping ideas into impactful realities. From conceptualization to execution, I find joy in every step of the journey, refining designs to resonate with users.